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Co-Created by River Oliveira & Max Cameron Fearon

Out of the Woods is a Forum Theatre play exploring how cycles of interpersonal violence play out in LGBTQ+ relationships. Eliot, a trans masculine queer person falls head over heels for their non-binary classmate, Alex. As the two grow closer, Eliot’s friend Gray begins to worry that Alex isn’t as well-meaning as they seem. Meanwhile, a Professor lectures on how the witches & wolves of folktales can help us understand traumatic experiences. Out of the Woods educates queer & trans youth on how to identify, intervene in, and support their peers in abusive relationships.

This play is a companion piece to How the Wolf Says Goodnight & utilizes similar characters and concepts. It is not a solo show but instead will be performed by four artists. And while How the Wolf looks at what happens ‘after’ and how the stories we tell ourselves impact the way we process the world and our experiences, Out of the Woods looks at how we can navigate these complex situations with care & community support.

Out of the Woods is being co-created by River Oliveira, & Max Cameron Fearon. Max is a queer-genderqueer, Mad, and disabled director, performer, and facilitator with extensive experience in community engaged works. Their experience includes autobiographical, non-fiction based, and community-engaged works. They are therefore familiar with handling trauma and adversity onstage wth a sensitivity and awareness to the artists’ and audiences’ perspectives. 

This project is being supported by the Ontario Arts Council's Recommender Grant Program (Mixed Company Theatre). 

Poster Design by Max Cameron Fearon

In order to develop this project, we will be hosting a workshop on August 14th, 2021 from 2 to 5PM via Zoom. Workshop participants will receive an honorarium of $60. Please click the links below to learn more & sign up to be a participant. 

Out of the Woods: About
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