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Co-Created by River Oliveira & Max Cameron Fearon

How the Wolf Says Goodnight is a non-linear single performer show about a queer, non-binary person navigating the aftermath of an abusive relationship, and the stories they tell themself in order to cope. Eliot (an English Professor), lectures on the dragons, witches, and wolves of folktales. Oliver (a Wolf) flirts with a stranger and reminisces on an old flame. Past, present, and future meet in a forest, where a Traveller (Eliot’s younger/present self) attempts to make sense of memories and searches for answers between the trees. How the Wolf Says Goodnight interrogates the banality of violence, the roles stories play in understanding our experiences, and what it means to live in the “after”. 

How the Wolf Says Goodnight was written by River Oliveira, in collaboration with Max Cameron Fearon as developmental dramaturg & director. Max is a queer-genderqueer, Mad, and disabled director, performer, and facilitator whose developmental dramaturgy has built a container for this piece. Their experience includes autobiographical, non-fiction based, and community-engaged works. They are therefore familiar with handling trauma and adversity onstage wth a sensitivity and awareness to the artists’ and audiences’ perspectives. 

This project is being supported by the Ontario Arts Council's Recommender Grant Program (Nightwood Theatre). 

How the Wolf Says Goodnight: About
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